Navigating Winter Challenges: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Washington DC’s Snow Removal Simulations with Mapgears

Every year, organizations prepare to face the winter season through field simulations, also known as “dry runs.” These exercises allow drivers, managers, and all individuals involved in snow removal operations to clarify their specific roles and ensure the smooth progress of the entire process. In other words, it’s a practice run before the main season.

Once again this year, we had the privilege of accompanying the Washington DC team in their preparation. Our colleague James, evStreets Product Manager, went on-site to provide assistance and support during the simulation.

For those unfamiliar with the process and organization of winter snow removal, it is a meticulous preparation that requires continuous organization throughout the year. Simulations and annual preparations are crucial to ensuring the smooth running of the snow removal season without hitches.

But how does a simulation work in practice? It’s quite simple: real drivers are assigned to streets in Washington and act as if they were actually clearing snow. They receive assigned routes and coordinate their actions with the person in charge. This person can monitor the progress of routes in real time through the evStreets system, immediately detecting any potential issues or incidents.

Beyond the challenge of snow removal, there is also the challenge of working with technology. That’s why Mapgears understands the importance of supporting managers in advance by providing comprehensive guides and resources to train their drivers in using the evStreets product. James’s presence on-site facilitates the connection to the platform, resolves technical questions, and provides a demonstration of the features.

With the help of our product evStreets, managers can now bid farewell to the tedious paperwork they had to fill out manually. All these tasks can now be completed quickly and directly on the platform for driver assignments. We have observed a significant improvement in driver registration thanks to our platform, saving managers a considerable amount of time.

For Washington, these simulations are also a way to ensure that operations run smoothly while keeping a detailed record of every event in the city during snow removal operations.

For us at Mapgears, these simulations offer the perfect opportunity to see our product in action. They allow us to easily identify issues, areas where users need additional assistance, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the platform.

If you want to optimize your operations for waste collection, snow removal, or household waste collection, feel free to contact us now.

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