eVouala: The core of our expertise

eVouala is the core of our expertise which allows us to answer all the needs of management and analysis of spatial or geographical information.


Centralize your geospatial data in a convenient cloud library tailored to your business needs.


Simplify data collection with custom forms created on your maps.


Share and publish your maps and applications with your users.

A little more about eVouala

Tailor-made solutions? Location platform? We have what you need.


Gather all your geospatial data in a single system to simplify all your actions.

Time saving

Save time by streamlining and automating your operations with our turnkey solution.

Cost reduction

Reduce your administrative and IT costs with a single solution that will meet all your needs.

Information Sharing

Share information in real time with your users, wherever they are, according to the authorizations in place.

Custom solution

Get a solution adapted to your business reality, your needs and your goals.
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