A dedicated team

Our team spirit and our ingenuity make us a team that cultivates excellence while being driven by our thirst for learning and by our ambition.

Malika Ayad

Customer Service Representative & Map Maker​

Laura Barreto

Geomatics analyst

Audrey Blanchette

Communications, marketing and international development advisor

Gabriel Cossette

DevOps Integrator

Rosalie Côté

Solution delivery manager

Alexandre Dubé

Web Application Developer

Mariève Dubé

Interactive map maker

Patrick Fitzgerald

Director of Sales

Martin Guay

Senior Software Developer

Julien-Samuel Lacroix

Technology Director

Annie Mercier

Customer Service Representative & Map Maker

Simon Mercier

Solutions Delivery Director

Daniel Morissette

President and Software Engineer

Benoit Racine

Ondago Product Manager

Vincent Vanbalberghe

Software Developer

Thomas Wadel

Software Developer

Malika Ayad

Customer Service Representative and Map Maker

Malika integrates maps, translates promotional documents and gets involved in marketing projects.

Thomas Wadel

Mobile Software Developer

Thomas develops and supports the company’s mobile applications.
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