A lot has changed in eVouala these past few months and we are very proud of all the new features that have appeared in the platform to better serve our users!

Without further ado, let’s get started!


The library is where all of your data sources are centralized: Excel CSV, Shapefiles, geodatabases and web services can all be found in this section of the platform.

New data source options

In version 13 of eVouala, we have added a whole new set of data connectors and import options for more flexibility. These new options include:

  • AIS feed connector
  • URL connector (to fetch data from the Web)
  • Geofence connector
  • ArcGIS Online connector
  • SPOT and Garmin InReach feeds


New and updated basemaps

As usual, we updated our existing basemaps on a quarterly basis with the most recent data from OpenStreetMaps, while also correcting some issues with character sets.

Two new basemaps have been added to the platform:

  • A terrain-centric basemap
  • A streets-centric basemap


Recovering deleted data

Have you ever deleted a file permanently just to regret it a few days later where it would save you countless hours? I know it definitely happened to me more than once.

That’s why we implemented a “Trash” section where all of your deleted data, maps, apps and other platform resources are temporarily kept. If you need to recover one of these elements, you can just navigate to the Trash and click recover.


The Maps section is where you interconnect, filter and customize the presentation of your data in a map format.

Introducing the Query Builder

The Query Builder allows you to separate your data in different classes according to specific values to customize the presentation on the map.

With an intuitive graphical interface, it is easier than ever to create custom filters to really get the functionality you are looking for.

Automatic categories

Going even further, eVouala can now automatically detect patterns in your datasources to suggest filters and speed up the map creating process.

Importing maps inside other maps

Another quality of life improvement that arrived in the version 13 of eVouala is the ability to import a map inside another map.

More precisely, you can now import every datasource, filter and customization that already exist inside a map instead of importing them separately.

Toggling classes

It is now possible to individually display or hide a specific class of a datasource inside the layer tree.

Easy graduated legends

Want to display your data as a range of colors depending on its value? We added an intuitive graphical interface to create customized graduated legends.

Web Apps

The Web Apps section is where you take your Maps to the next level. You can add various tools (measure, print, etc.), data analytics and custom code.

Enhanced App Studio

The app studio is where you can pick and customize all of the tools you want to appear on your applications. It has been improved to make it more user friendly, replacing the JSON structure with graphical components.

Movable Layer Tree

In order to get a bit more map area, you can now put the Layer Tree inside the data browser.

New toolbar options

The toolbars of the platform have been reworked to offer a better user experience and just look slicker overall.

Dock/Undock your Apps

A big feature coming to version 13 of eVouala is the ability to dock and undock your web applications.

Historically, you could only use cloud platforms while connected to the Internet, but the undocking feature comes to change that. You can now use the app while offline and push your modifications to the server once you are able to access the Internet.

Faster filter options

The search functionalities used to filter data have been improved to be able to smoothly sift through millions of records.

Mouseover data

Pretty self-explanatory, you can now have your users see the data by just hovering their mouse over it.

Areas of interest

Version 13 introduced the ability to save your favorite areas of the map (or Areas of interest), allowing you to quickly navigate between zones that are important to you.


Definitely one of the most powerful features of eVouala, patterns empower users who are familiar with code (CSS and JavaScript) to have fine control over the output and appearance of data both in the data browser and individual data popups.


The administration section regroups all the users, groups, permissions and back-end functionalities of eVouala.

Refined permissions system

The permissions system has been enriched with roles, privileges and designated managers for finer control over who can access which resources.

Subscription fields

Version 13 introduced the ability to subscribe to a datasource, notifying you every time it is edited by another user.

SMS notifications

Linked to the previous new feature, it is possible to receive SMS notifications through the platform when a specific action is being performed: a datasource was edited, an object entered inside a geofence, a certain value went over a threshold, etc.

User activity log

eVouala now automatically log user activity: log ins/outs, data imports/exports, edits, etc.

Private messages

With version 13, we added to functionality of send private messages to another user from the profile area.


You can now create simple reports that can be exported in CSV, HTML or PDF. If you wish to create more complex reports, you can use Jaspersoft report templates.