Mapgears: Intelligent mapping on a global scale.

Article from Le Quotidien

After completing his studies in computer engineering at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) in 1994, Daniel Morissette left the region with the clear desire to return later on. When he landed his first job in Gatineau, he discovered cartography, which became a true passion. “At the time, we were digitizing topographic maps for the federal government. I realized that there was so much to be done.”

Thanks to new technologies, he learned the basics of web mapping. “It’s a world where there are a lot of possibilities and potential for innovation. With the arrival of Google Maps and iPhones, new needs had to be addressed.”

In 1998, Mr. Morissette co-founded DM Solutions Group, which was based in Ottawa. This breakthrough in the business world allowed him to develop his network of contacts and potential partners outside of Quebec. “The objective was to assist our clients in using web mapping, but my goal was to come back to the region and start another office. I did so in the early 2000s, and in 2006, our Chicoutimi office became Mapgears. Over the years, we have become an international leader in intelligent mapping.”

Initially, the company offered consulting services. Later on, it developed and refined products that meet the high standards and needs of the industry, as well as helping its clients increase their visibility with their target audience.

Although the company is based in Chicoutimi, the majority of its clientele is located outside of Quebec. Its products are used by nearly half a million users worldwide. Its true breakthrough internationally is increasingly being felt with a presence throughout North America.

I am driven by innovation. It is a field where there is a lot of untapped potential. I also feel great pride in having developed my business in the region and creating quality jobs here.” 
— Daniel Morissette

Mapgears offers the mobile solution evTrails, which is dedicated to managers of snowmobile, ATV or motocross trail networks. It also offers evStreets, which provides an overall view of real-time and past operations for waste collection, snow removal, or any type of operations. As for the Ondago application, it allows tourist organizations to publish and manage their tourist maps on mobile and web platforms.

« We really help managers manage their territories. For the future, we want to continue to grow the team by developing the North American market with our current products, and we intend to explore the potential of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.»
Mapgears has its headquarters in Chicoutimi and an office in Quebec City. The team has more than thirty employees, half of whom are based in Saguenay and the rest telecommuting throughout the province.
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