Mapgears: An International Leader in Smart Mapping

 Mapgears is proud to affirm its presence as one of the most important players in the smart mapping industry and to present its four products and its new brand image to stand out internationally. After many years at developing turnkey solutions for their numerous clients around the world, Mapgears can proudly affirm that they are one of the leaders in their field. 

Mapgears’ team has been working for almost 20 years in the smart mapping field. At first, they offered consulting services, thanks to their expertise. Over the years, Mapgears developed and tweaked products meeting the high standards and needs of the industry in addition to helping their customers increase their visibility to their target market.

A new image at the height of its remarkable rise

The new image of Mapgears goes hand in hand with its desire to always be ahead of the latest high-tech trends across the globe. As a small company that started in Chicoutimi, Quebec with a handful of employees, Mapgears is proud to now have a few hundred customers and nearly half a million end users for their products around the world. Its true international breakthrough is increasingly felt with a presence throughout North America.

«The demand for mapping solutions is growing. Managers need to visualize the status of their operations in the field in real time. To meet this demand we have more than tripled our workforce in less than 3 years and are still actively recruiting to give us the means to achieve our ambitions.»

Daniel Morissette, President 



Innovative solutions adapted to different needs

It is through its modern technology that Mapgears can offer products and services that facilitate the digital exploitation of geospatial data. Locate yourself at the Granby Zoo thanks to Ondago, find your way on snowmobile trails with evTrails and oversee the management of public works, snow removal or waste collection with the help of evStreets. All this in a series of turnkey solutions that complement traditional mapping and vehicle fleet management platforms.

Mapgears’ rapid growth confirms its desire to produce long-term utility products for their clients rather than simply offering consulting services:

«As “cartogeeks” with customers in several different niches, but all with the same mapping services needs, it was important for us to position ourselves with a line of mapping products that meet their exact requirements . Our customers can expect the best in terms of reliability and ease of use.»

-Simon Mercier, Solutions Delivery Director



Our products


Turnkey mobile and web solution for trail managers. It facilitates trail management and publishing of trail statuses to riders in real time.


Solution offering a global view of real-time and past operations, for waste collection, snow removal or other recurring public works operations.


Intuitive solution enabling tourism organisations to publish and manage THEIR official tourist map on mobile and web platforms.


Complete solution at the heart of our expertise meeting all the needs of management and analysis of spatial or geographical information.


About Mapgears

Mapgears is a firm specializing in intelligent mapping that provides turnkey solutions to organizations that need to visualize and manage their trails, roads and territories in real time. A great supporter of open source technologies, the Mapgears team is also recognized throughout the world for its significant contributions in the development of the MapServer software and other products of the OSGeo foundation.


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