evTrail’s features!

With the idea of offering the best to our clients, evTrails allows organizations to administer various trails in real time from a single dashboard. Here are the benefits of evTrails:

Simplify the management of your trails

Designed to be user-friendly, evTrails offers a solution that allows you to quickly and easily manage your trail data.

Secure your members on the trails

To contribute to the sense of security of your members, offer them an application that allows them to see the official network of trails, the real-time status of these trails, and even locate themselves without a network.

Enhance the experience for your members

In order to optimize the experience of your members, offer them an interactive map containing information such as gas stations, restaurants, attractions, and other services.

Transition to the digital era with ease

evTrails offers scalable solutions that meet the needs of the industry without having to worry about technological development.

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