Ensure the safety of your visitors with Ondago PRO

For several years, Ondago has been proud to collaborate with the Magog Fire Safety Service, Mont-Orford National Park (Sépaq), and the Mont-Orford Ski & Golf Corporation to ensure the safety of users in these locations through the Ondago application.

Thanks to the numbered emergency markers installed on the trails and represented on the map within the mobile application, outdoor enthusiasts can easily locate themselves and transmit their position in case of an emergency. The rescue teams can then intervene based on the position information provided via Ondago.

The emergency module is a valuable complementary tool for visitors as it allows them to report incidents directly within the application. This module proves to be essential for all field teams, significantly reducing response times from several hours to an average of 45 minutes. This time-saving is crucial in emergency situations and is made possible through the geolocation feature of the application. Bruno Giroux, Chief of Operations for the Magog Fire Safety Service, highlights the importance of the module by recalling several situations where visitors were able to quickly contact emergency services thanks to Ondago.

He explains that a typical emergency intervention situation can occur about forty times per year. Visitors deviating from the trails and getting lost are incidents frequently observed by Bruno Giroux’s teams. With Ondago, the intervention time has been reduced by 75% for a common situation. In addition to facilitating the location of lost visitors, the emergency module also allows direct communication with the visitor to assess their situation and surroundings, ensuring the safety of the intervention team.

This technological advancement is essential for field teams and requires minimal training. The teams that have tested it have all confirmed that the module is easy to understand and extremely effective.

To learn more about the emergency module or for any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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