Wrapping up 2020

Happy holidays!!

With only a few days left ahead, 2020 has definitely been a year filled with challenges.

Many organizations have had to reorganize in order to continue to operate remotely, implementing new tools to maintain their activities and to allow their teams to communicate effectively.

At Mapgears, we are pleased to say that we have managed to maintain the same level of service that has made our reputation despite the distance and the current context.

And we owe it all to our excellent team!

A quick look back on 2020

In addition to offering a level of functionality and service that is up to our usual standards, our team has redoubled its efforts to continue to innovate and refine the solutions offered to our clients around the world.

evStreets: supervising public works and waste collection operations

The most recent addition to our suite of solutions, evStreets is a platform that facilitates the monitoring and supervision of public works of all kinds: waste collection, snow removal, street sweeping and more!

The evStreets platform is composed of 3 interconnected functionalities: the operations manager, the mobile application for drivers and a public application for customers and citizens.

To learn more, check out the evStreets website.

evTrails keeps growing quickly

evTrails, our recreational trails management platform, continues to grow in popularity with organizations across North America! This year, more than 5 new snowmobile and ATV organizations have decided to adopt evTrails to map their trails and communicate information to their members.

However, it is not only snowmobile and ATV organizations that joined us this year! We also had the pleasure of integrating organizations managing motocross and winter sport trails (cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.) into the evTrails family.

Another big change in the product was the adoption of a new distribution model for mobile trail applications. With the new winter season well underway, some snowmobile organizations have opted for a free application model with a paid premium version that unlocks more features. A change well appreciated by members!

To learn more about evTrails, it’s this way.

The more, the merrier!

In order to support growth and continue to ensure high quality service, we are pleased to have several new members join the team this year. These new members bring a wide range of expertise, ranging from project management to mobile and backend development!

Check out our careers page for a quick look on our open positions.

Tons of new features

Through all these changes, several improvements and new features have appeared in eVouala, our flagship product from which all our solutions are derived.

Among these changes, we find a renewed interface in the administration section as well as in the tools available in the interactive mapping applications. For example, the time machine has been improved to be more intuitive and accessible to users.

It’s not just the interface that has changed: a ton of new features and tools make the platform more powerful and flexible than ever.

One example is the new query generator, which allows you to quickly classify data according to the desired parameters.

Another example would be the implementation of patterns, a new type of resource that allows more technical users to create display templates and have more control over the data that is displayed in applications.

To learn more about the many new features in eVouala and other Mapgears solutions, check out the release notes.

Holidays support schedule

The holiday season is upon us!

For this period, Mapgears will pause its normal operations from December 24th at 5:00 PM until January 4th, 2021 at 8:00 AM.

Despite this interruption in operations, a support team will be available for any service interruption or technical problem that may occur during this time.

To contact the support team, please send an email to support@mapgears.com.

That’s it for this short overview of the year 2020!

On behalf of the entire Mapgears team, we wish you happy holidays and a great year 2021!!

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