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MapServer is a Web mapping engine: it is installed on a Web server and connects to geospatial data sources to produce and serve maps to client applications via the Web. It supports OGC Web services standards including WMS, WFS and WCS, and is recognized as a leader in the world for its performance, durability, and quality of cartographic rendering it produces. It also competes favorably on those levels with proprietary solutions of the largest software companies in the geomatics field.

MapServer is the core component around which are focused the expertise and services of Mapgears. Members of the Mapgears team have been active in MapServer development since 2000 when Daniel Morissette, president and co-founder of Mapgears (vice-president and co-founder of DM Solutions Group back then) chose to adopt it and began contributing to it in collaboration with his development team to make it the world-class software it is today. Daniel is still active today in the development of MapServer and within the Project Steering Committee (PSC).