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Snowmobiling is a winter activity that keeps gaining popularity today in Canadian provinces and throughout the American snow belt. In both countries, the majority of trails are managed by province (or State) by non-profit organizations that are responsible for their maintenance, as well as all communications with snowmobilers.


Many of these organizations face a significant challenge in tracking trail conditions during storms or the end of winter, with no easy way of passing information to their members. In addition, it is not possible to modify the trail map once it is printed (for organizations using a paper map), which again is detrimental to snowmobilers wishing to plan their route.


To address these challenges, Mapgears developed evtrails, an all-in-one platform for snowmobile organizations that makes it easy to add, edit, or delete trails, and provide snowmobilers with a user-friendly web map on all devices.

With this online platform, snowmobile organizations will be able to make the necessary changes and advise snowmobilers of trail conditions.


By centralizing resources in one place, organizations are now more effective in managing their trails.

In addition, snowmobilers now have access to an updated source of information to plan their trips through the interactive map available from their computer or smartphone.


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