CHVI Introduction

Since the CHVI (Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative) was established in 2007, millions have been spent to support domestic and international research, which improves collaboration among researchers in Canada and around the world and enhance capacity for vaccine trials, policy development and community engagement. Funding for the CHVI will be available until 2017.

Interactive Map

Mapgears was asked to produce an interactive map featured on the CHVI Web site to shocase the various recipients in countries that have received funding through the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative Projects.


This map allows visitors to mouse-over as well as tab through the locations, where projects have been funded and to view and link to additional information on the projects.

The application had to adhere to strict requirements which apply to federal Web sites. This includes support for users who have visual impairments; a big challenge for a Web mapping application!

Admin tools

An admin tool was also developped for the project administrators. With a minimum geomatics knowledge, it allows them to add and update projects that are displayed on the map.

Online map

The Online map is available for browsing by the general public.