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Customized Training

Mapgears offers customized training on MapServer and related open source Web mapping technologies including PostGIS, GDAL/OGR, OpenLayers, GeoExt, and GeoPrisma.

Training courses are geared to suit your needs and those of your organization and are planned to cover the topics which are of interest to you. To achieve this goal a pre-training interview will be held to collect your specific needs and objectives. We will then propose a training plan that will really meet your needs and those of your project, and in which we will start working on setting up the bases of your project or on the resolution of the challenges your are facing.

Each day of training purchased comes with 5 hours of post-training support valid for a period of 60 days following the training session. This block of technical support time will allow you to resort to our team to help answer questions that may arise as you start applying the concepts from the training in the context of your real life project.


The following rates are applicable for groups of 1 to 3 attendees depending on the numbers of days of training:

Days of training Support hours included Cost for 1 to 3 attendees
1 day 5 hours $ 1,800.00
2 days 10 hours $ 3,000.00
3 days 15 hours $ 4,200.00

Our training services are also available as part of our Annual Maintenance Programs.

Contact us to let us know what you'd be interested in and for us to plan the content, date and location of your training.

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